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Did you know that Amarillo sends over 100 children per month out of the area because there is simply no room to put them?

We started Panhandle Orphan Care Network to help kiddos have safe places to be during a time of crises in their lives, and help orphan caregivers provide that stable environment.

We do this in a couple ways:


We have closets at area churches where we collect new items for children, such as clothing, diapers, wipes, high chairs, strollers, cribs, as well as many other things.  We distribute these to the families when the child comes into care, which is called a Placement Package.


Orphan caregiving families often find it difficult to find people who will watch their kiddos of a while to have a date with their spouses.  This is because it is a rather intrusive process to go through to get someone set up.  Agencies have said that because Churches already have background checks on their volunteers, and the buildings are safe as they have kids in them every week, they are able to host date nights without doing anything extra, which makes a date night one of the best ministries a church can offer to our families.

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